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The BTEC Certificate in ICT Systems & Principles Level 2 is part of the BTEC ICT Specialist Family and is the perfect platform for those looking to enter the IT industry in a technical capacity.

The course is delivered using a unique interactive online learning system which will help develop practical skills. The qualification is awarded on a portfolio of practical activity compiled with the help of a personal tutor meaning NO EXAMS are required.

Course Information:

  • Title: BTEC Certificate in ICT Systems & Principles Level 2
  • Awarding Body: Pearson Edexcel
  • QAN: 501/1381/1
  • Units: Computer Systems, IT Fault Diagnosis & Repair
  • Subjects: PC Hardware Assembly, PC/Laptop Repair, OS Install & Config, Storage Systems, Basic Networking
  • Duration: 120 learning hours
  • Delivery: On-line Interactive Home Study
  • Assessment Method: Portfolio
  • Certification Period: BTEC qualifications are valid for LIFE, many other IT Certifications (CompTIA, CISCO etc.) expire after a 3 year period.


Interface Tour

  • Progress Tracking

    The e-learning interface will track your progress through the various content units
  • Video Workshop

    After some introductory content you are presented with a short video based workshop
  • Quick Quiz

    A Quick Quiz follows the video to ensure all key information has been noted before starting the practical work
  • Printable Manual

    The video workshop is then provided as printable step-by-step instructions
  • Simulations

    Some practical tasks can be practiced first using a simulation DEMO (flash required)
  • Complete Content

    Simply work through the provided videos, tasks & simulations in order and you will be well prepared for assessment.
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Who are Kandu IT ?

Brief History

Kandu Education Limited specialise in the development of systems which enable effective learning outside of the traditional classroom, we gained our status as an Edexcel Approved Training Provider in 2002.

During this time we have designed and developed the syllabus, course material and assessment methods for a number of approved programmes from Levels 2 to 4.

Our main website is KanduIT.co.uk

Quality Assurance

As an approved training provider we are subjected to yearly external verification by the awarding body.

Our delivery methods, candidate support and assessment methods must maintain high standards otherwise our approved status would be removed

Who uses Kandu Products ?

  • Kandu are a registered supplier for the Department of Work and Pensions, delivering 'Rapid Response' redundancy funded training
  • Over 250 UK Primary Schools use the 'Kandu Playground Challenge'
  • The East Riding Councils' computer recycling program ‘RefIT’ provides trainee certification using the BTEC Award in Computer Engineering.
  • Over 100 inmates at HMP Wealstun have gained BTEC certification using Kandu learning products
  • Queens Park Community School (London) use our systems to facilitate PC Assembly & Repair classes for 6th form students
  • Organisations such as BAE systems, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and many more have taken advantage of our distance learning system for employee training

Unique Approach

We strongly believe in practical learning. Something which is often difficult to achieve over distance. Our IT courses are uniquely designed to encourage practical work. This creates real world problems which must be approached logically as they would in the workplace.

Our experienced tutors guide you through each step until the process becomes second nature, such results are almost impossible to achieve from simply reading books/watching videos.

Adaptive Assessment

Our flexible assessment methods mean that you may be able to cover many of the learning outcomes as part of your current employment. It is often possible to produce the required evidence whilst completing your everyday tasks.